Westfalia Pallet Flow System

Your business’s storage system has unique material flow and layout requirements. If you are considering a gravity flow system as your solution, our pallet flow racking systems will provide it. At Westfalia Technologies, however, we continuously strive for more innovative solutions and also encourage our customers to consider a fully automated system, utilizing high-density automated storage. 

If you are looking to combine single-deep or double-deep AS/RS storage lanes with high-density, multiple deep configurations in the same aisle and using the same storage and retrieval machine (S/RM), we have extensive experience at creating this automated solution for you.

If you’re committed to a gravity flow system instead, read on to learn how that system will benefit your operations.

Westfalia Pallet Flow Systems

Durable and Reliable Pallet Storage Racks

These flexible and durable gravity pallet flow rack systems can be designed to work side by side with your warehouse management system (WMS) and automated storage/retrieval system (AS/RS) to improve warehouse efficiency while maintaining and organizing inventory. These warehouse pallet flow racks can double or triple the capacity of a warehouse, and they are easily integrated into a conventional or automated warehouse. As an alternative to drive-in static racks, or storing pallets on the floor, Westfalia's pallet flow racking systems are ideal for freezer and cooler warehouses, food distribution centers and the storage of high-volume consumer goods.

When pallets are deposited into the gravity flow pallet rack system, the gravity flow design allows pallets to automatically convey and accumulate at the discharge end. Therefore, this storage system offers the benefits of higher density storage and reduced labor and handing costs, without additional operating expenses.

The first load in is always the first one out in a Westfalia pallet flow storage system. This first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory rotation is ideal for the food and beverage industry and other businesses that carry time-sensitive goods.

Benefits of Gravity Flow Pallet Storage Systems:

  • Operate in cooler and freezer environments
  • Triple rail support to protect pallets
  • DeepLane® for FIFO or push back for LIFO inventory
  • Durable components to last
  • Direct access to pallets
  • High flexibility for future configurations 

Successful Companies Trust Westfalia for Efficient Pallet Handling Equipment

Maximizing warehouse productivity and efficiency is what we do best at Westfalia. With a complete line of AS/RS systems, fully equipped with warehouse execution software, gravity flow systems, and automated picking and conveyor systems, we can offer your business an effective solution to handling and distributing goods in a timely fashion. Whether you supply food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc., contact us today to discuss how our pallet handling equipment can help you!

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