In today’s fast-paced environment, manufacturers and distributors are pressured to efficiently fulfill orders on time. In most cases, this leads to picking and staging orders prior to shipment, which impacts the entire supply chain process.

Implementing an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) with an automated warehouse picking system can dramatically streamline order fulfillment and increase efficiency

automated layer picking by Cimcorp

Advantages of Our Automated Picking Systems

Westfalia's order picking systems are an efficient, cost-effective solution to store and retrieve layers and cases without a pallet to meet just-in-time order requirements.

Our automated fulfillment systems use robotics to automatically pick products from inventory - in singles or groups - which are then palletized and shipped to the customer. When an AS/RS is fully equipped with an automated order picking system, the warehouse picking and packing process is improved in several ways: 

  • Eliminates picking labor and reduces the risk of repetitive manual handling
  • Flexible and compact designs that can fit into existing footprints
  • Improves pallet build efficiency and quality
  • Ability to handle most package types
  • Improved traceability and 100% order accuracy
  • Decreases manual costs associated with picking full cases

A Cornerstone of Fulfillment Automation: Robotic Order Picking

From robotic palletizing systems capable of building mixed-case pallets to automated guided vehicles for loading and unloading trucks, the era of warehouse automation is here with robotic picking systems. Fully autonomous order picking robots are growing more sophisticated, meaning there’s never been a better time to incorporate robots in order fulfillment.  

To learn how Westfalia is using automation and robots for warehouse picking as part of an integrated warehouse solution and as a robotic picking manufacturer, download our free whitepaper.

Industries that Benefit From Automated Order Picking Systems

Westfalia’s robotic systems integrate reliable equipment with best-in-class software and processes to create automated warehouse picking solutions designed to deliver in a range of industries. Westfalia’s approach to automated case picking is ideal for retail companies or any operation where mixed, full-case pallets must be delivered. Potential applications include:

To find out how your company could benefit, request a consultation to discuss a customized automatic order picking system.

A Proven Record in Order Picking Automation: How Westfalia Improves the Fulfillment Process

Westfalia offers an excellent solution for automated warehouse picking that enhances your order fulfillment processes for optimal distribution and manufacturing operations.

Our automated material handling system provides warehouses with augmented control and organization over all picking functions. An automated warehouse order picker can help you minimize errors, increase pick rates, reduce labor costs, and boost customer satisfaction. 

With proven results in the food and beverage industries, among others, Westfalia guarantees increased performance in your business. Contact us today to discuss implementing an AS/RS system with automated order picking capabilities!

Automated Picking Case Studies:

Pepsi Bottling Group

Pepsi Bottling Group

The Pepsi Bottling Group is the largest manufacturer, seller and distributor of Pepsi beverages, with over 100 plants worldwide and 545 distribution centers.  Among the brands they handle are Pepsi, Aquafina, Aqua Minerale, Tropicana, Lipton Iced Tea, Starbucks Frappuccino,...

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