Westfalia Deam Case Packing Systems

Westfalia Deam Systems offers a variety of case packing equipment for the juice, dairy and beverage industries. Whether you are casing plastic bottles, gallon plastic jugs, cartons, milk bags, creamer cups or cultured products, Westfalia’s case packing equipment provides the flexibility to be integrated with your current equipment as well as other Westfalia case handling equipment.

Design features of Westfalia Deam case packing equipment:

  • All stainless steel construction 
  • Available for plastic and corrugated cases
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design 
  • PLC controls with Nema 4/4x stainless steel panel 
  • Touch screen operator terminal with system diagnostics (option) 
  • Soft load design 
  • Extended warranty coverage with service agreement 
Bottle caser

Case packers for bottles, jugs, bags, and cartons

Westfalia Deam provides case packing equipment for every application, from a small footprint using low-speeds to large high-speed applications packing bottles, jugs, bags, and cartons. Westfalia partners with you to design the case packing systems to meet your specific requirements, developing the most efficient and reliable solution.

Westfalia Deam offers case packers and product conveyors for:

  • Plastic bottles in various sizes 
  • One gallon (4L) plastic jugs 
  • Cartons – half-pint (250ml), pint (500 ml), liter or quart sizes 
  • NEP 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz. gable top cartons 
  • Pouch pack milk bags - 4- liter bags containing 1.333 liters each (Canada only) 
  • Creamer cups 
  • Cultured product 

Westfalia Deam case packing equipment includes:

  • Carton caser
  • Corrugated box caser
  • Fractional quart/1 liter carton caser
  • Half gallon/2 liter carton caser
  • High speed dual station for bottles and jugs caser
  • High speed jug caser
  • Jug caser
  • Multiple size jugs caser
  • NEP carton caser
  • Pouch pack bag caser - corrugated cases
  • Pouch pack bag caser - plastic cases
  • Round bottle caser

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Case Packing Systems Case Studies:



Oakhurst anticipated doubling output, which would have required increasing storage capacity by more than 100 percent. Also, the company wanted to expand their product line to 10 oz. bottles for the school market.

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