Westfalia Deam Systems Case Packing and Handling Equipment

Westfalia Deam Systems is known throughout the juice, dairy and beverage industries for innovative, compact, custom-designed case packing and handling systems. Westfalia Deam Systems' offers a complete line of case packing and handling equipment to move juice, dairy or beverage cases throughout a plant.

Using the latest in Solid Modeling technology, Westfalia designs innovative, easily installed, low-maintenance equipment that can be used in either cooler, freezer or ambient environments.  

Our in-house engineering team can design a system to meet your specific needs whether it's a small facility with tight specifications or a part of a larger flow-through option off of an Automated Storage and Retrieval System.

Westfalia Deam Case Packing and Handling Systems

Westfalia Deam Systems Advantages: 

Dairy and beverage companies should have adequate case packing and handling systems to maintain reliable and efficient operations. All equipment is constructed of stainless steel making it ideal for the wet conditions often found in dairy, juice and other beverage facilities. We have worked very hard to develop systems that address the challenges that many dairies/beverage companies are currently facing which include:

  • Empty case feed to higher speed lines and additional lines
  • Higher volume production in the existing amount of space
  • Higher volume production with less people
  • Ability to handle higher number of SKUs

​Design features of Westfalia Deam Systems:

  • High-tech equipment using the latest in PLC technology, compact design, high-speed operation and all stainless steel construction 
  • Custom-design capability to handle various sizes of plastic and corrugated cases
  • All equipment goes through a Factory Automation Test (FAT) before shipping and installation at a client’s facility
  • Service support includes: system installation, operator training and prompt after-sales service 

All Westfalia Deam products are guaranteed to perform to their specifications with each piece of equipment thoroughly tested before shipping and installation at the customer's plant. We can work with you to develop the most efficient, and reliable solution. 

To learn more about Westfalia's complete line of case packing and handling systems please click the appropriate links below:

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Case Packing & Handling Case Studies:



Oakhurst anticipated doubling output, which would have required increasing storage capacity by more than 100 percent. Also, the company wanted to expand their product line to 10 oz. bottles for the school market.

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Northumberland Dairy

Northumberland Dairy

Northumberland Dairy in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada, recently expanded their modern processing facility, making room for additional processing capacity. Included in the extension is a new automated Empty Case Handling System from Westfalia’s Deam Systems division, involving...

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