Live Operator Emergency Support Available 24/7/365:

Westfalia provides 24/7/365 phone support for our customers. Short support sessions up to 30 minutes during normal business hours (8am-5pm EST) are normally free of charge. Any phone support exceeding 30 minutes or repeated support calls will be charged by the applicable labor rate in one hour increments, with a one hour minimum. If you need live operator assistance please follow the below instructions:

  • Call 1-717-764-1115, select #5 for service, and select #1 for the live operator.
  • The operator takes the message, and begins contacting Westfalia’s primary on-call person in field service.  If after 10 minutes and a second attempt the primary person cannot be reached, the operator contacts the secondary on-call person.  If either of these two contacts are unreachable or busy with other customers, the service manager will be contacted.
  • Both primary and secondary contacts are part of the Westfalia service department.
  • If Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or controls support is needed, the service department contacts have primary and secondary controls and WMS employees on-call for specific details and/or dial-in support.
  • Non-emergency service department inquiries can also be handled via email

Note:  calls to this support line may be subject to support changes.

Our Mission: To deliver unparalleled warehousing solutions by earning the trust of our customers, understanding their business needs and honoring the commitments we make.