Don't waste any more time just thinking about an AS/RS

By improving efficiencies and cutting costs, automation technology is one of today's fastest growing supply chain innovations. As more manufacturers and distributors explore automation, many have discovered how they can use automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), coupled with a warehouse execution system (WES) to enhance production and improve warehouse distribution operations. 

Preparing  to Automate FREE white paper downloadWhile there is no magic formula for designing or implementing an AS/RS, an in-depth, pre-implementation evaluation of your current operations will help steer your company in the right direction for long-term success. If you take the time to first evaluate your current operations, understand your data points and address the right questions, you will end up with a solution that meets your specific business needs now, and in the future. 


Dive deeper into our 6 steps for automation by downloading this FREE white paper "Preparing to Automate: How to Evaluate Your Operations Prior to Implementing an AS/RS"

Discover Westfalia's 6 time-tested steps for automation:

Calculate your "80/20"

Examine your pallets

Identify long-term plans and define your design year

Note the current storage method used in the warehouse

Analyze current operations and processes

Evaluate the current and/or planned facility

Survey participants ranked robotics and automation as the top emerging technology expected to transform supply chains over the next 10 years MHI Annual Industry Report | 2016
Take a hard look at your industry, supply chain and business model to analyze how they are changing. Be sure to take these findings into consideration to ensure you select a system that is right for you
Partnering with a knowledgeable AS/RS provider will help you obtain a system that will provide you with new efficiencies now, and as your company continues to grow into the future

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