Sam Hsu

Sam Hsu, Mechanical Engineer/Designer

I love the fact that I am always learning. One of the best parts of my job is seeing so many different applications. Because of this, I am constantly learning something new to be able to address a new situation. I love interacting with and getting to know people within the company. I find the work we do to be innovative and I enjoy telling others about what we do.

Kirby Smith

Kirby Smith, Controller

My job allows our company to reduce costs and pass savings onto our customers for future success. I strive each day for continuous improvement of all processes and teach/drive my team to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Joshua Starner

Joshua Starner, Software Architect

I think the people you work with really make a difference in your love for a job; and the people that work here are awesome! Everyone is extremely supportive, smart, and passionate about what they do. 

Chris Mecier

Chris Mecier, Director de Servicio Técnico/Posventa

Me encanta la variedad de trabajo y los diferentes desafíos que enfrento. Sobre todo, me encanta mi equipo. El trabajo es mucho más productivo y divertido cuando estás rodeado de personas con ideas afines que comparten la misma visión. Un día típico lo dedico a gestionar solicitudes de clientes de todos los niveles de prioridad, pero como Director de Servicio Técnico, tiendo a administrar y delegar el flujo de trabajo, mejorar o crear procesos, y ayudar a mi equipo de la forma en que puedo en un esfuerzo para ser eficiente.

Andrey Torres

Andrey Torres, Senior Software Developer

I love this job because there's always something new to do. Every customer is different and has different challenges for us to solve.

Zach Nace

Zach Nace, Customer Support Technician

I love the amount of time that Westfalia devotes to their employees. I heard about the company's great career opportunities through a former employee, and I'm glad I made the decision to join the team.

Andy Stewart

Andy Stewart, Field Service Business Process Analyst

[I love] the people I get to work with on a daily basis and the new challenges every day.

Caio Seabra

Caio Seabra, COO/CFO

There are several things I love about my job, the people I work with, the autonomy and flexibility in fulfilling my responsibilities, the work environment, the possibility to be involved in so many different aspects of the operation and the technology we work with, which is pretty fun. Creating the best impact for the business through leadership, sound management and, above all, enabling people to do their jobs the best they can is why I find my job so important. 

Morgan Walker

Morgan Walker, Marketing Communications Manager

My job allows me to work with many different departments throughout the company on a variety of projects. I also love the team that I work with in the marketing department! I believe that having a great team that you can bond with both in and outside of work is key to loving your job.

Borja Salanova

Borja Salanova, Sr. Solutions Consultant

I enjoy working with potential customers to improve their operations by recommending a material handling solution that provides the best value to their organization. I really love that moment when a prospect company realizes that a Westfalia solution is the perfect fit for their challenges. 

Hesham Abdelhamed

Hesham Abdelhamed, Applications Engineer

I love the work environment and the camaraderie that exists between coworkers.  I also love that my job challenges me everyday in many different ways and allows me to play a key role in selling our systems.

Jeffery Lyijynen

Jeffery Lyijynen, VP of Project Operations

I worked on the Pepsi Tampa project, while at KUKA Systems, with Westfalia. I quickly became impressed with the Westfalia leadership and project team. Since then, I continued to grow my career in management, and felt now was the right time to join this team, as we are diversifying and growing our business model. This is an exciting time to be with Westfalia. 

Marcus Redigan

Marcus Redigan, Software Project Manager

I love the diversity and the empowerment of what software development allows a person to do. Every project we do, whether it be for internal development, or for our customers, no two days are alike, and nothing is cookie-cutter about Westfalia.

Stephen DeChristopher

Stephen DeChristopher, Mechanical Engineer

To me, engineering appears to be the foundation of the Westfalia projects. Engineering is following up on all the details are that can be very critical to the success of the overall project.

Chelsea Anstine

Chelsea Anstine, Asistente de Recursos Humanos

Me encanta que todos los días sean diferentes y aprender constantemente. También disfruto realmente de interactuar con todos los empleados. Siento que cada aspecto de mi trabajo es importante, desempeñando un papel activo respaldando a los empleados de Westfalia.

Brian Martin

Brian Martin, Service Coordinator

Our customers are my favorite part of my job because without them, we are nonexistent. It is not only my duty, but my absolute pleasure to serve them. I love getting to meet people from all over the world; I feel blessed to learn about so many different cultures. 

Michael Halbleib

Michael Halbleib, Mechanical Designer

I enjoy the challenge of designing something new or different. I like that after my designs are released, I get to see them produced in the shop. I also enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Westfalia.

Sean Young

Sean Young, Software Developer

I love the people. We're all working toward the same end-game, and that end-game is a functional automated warehouse.

Robert Douglas

Robert Douglas, Gerente de Servicio

Admiro la manera en que trabaja Westfalia. Nuestra tecnología es excepcional y toda la empresa está dedicada a la implementación y al funcionamiento exitosos de las soluciones. Westfalia busca ser más que un proveedor. Tenemos como objetivo ser un socio comercial durante el ciclo de vida. Como gerente de servicios, concentro mis esfuerzos en realizar reuniones en persona con clientes para entender el servicio y las necesidades de las partes y garantizar el 100% de la satisfacción del cliente.

Nuestra Misión: Entregar soluciones de almacenamiento únicas ganando la confianza de nuestros clientes, entendiendo sus necesidades del negocio y cumpliendo nuestros compromisos