The Satellite Review

Bienvenidos a The Satellite Review, la revista oficial de Technologies, Inc. Es una publicación anual dedicada al profesional de  la manutención y logística.

  • Issue 6

    Sixth Edition

    When you were young you probably remember your parents emphasizing the importance of preparing for your future. While the strategies are different, the concept still applies to business. "Future-proofing" your business by thinking about critical areas such as attracting the next generation of talent or the environmental impact of your operations is vital for long-term success and growth...learn more in  the sixth edition of Westfalia's The Satellite Review Magazine.

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  • Issue 5

    Fifth Edition

    The "Made in the USA" mark is a country of origin label that indicates that the product is "all or virtually all" made in the Unites States. The state of American manufacturing is strong and several manufacturers have identified investment in their American facilities as a top priority for future growth. Automation stands as one of the last areas where long-term costs can be significantly reduced... learn more in the fifth edition of Westfalia's The Satellite Review Magazine. 

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  • Issue 4

    Fourth Edition

    Companies today are realizing that they are continually in need of inventory storage space and the high cost/limited availability of needed real estate is forcing them to look to new solutions. Discover how automation has become the "Silver Lining" for many in the warehousing industry in the fourth edition of Westfalia's The Satellite Review Magazine. 

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  • Issue 3

    Third Edition

    It is not just the efficiency of equipment that defines the success of a project, but rather the quality of the processes and people involved in running the system. Take a look at how humanizing automation will change the future of manufacturing in the third edition of Westfalia's The Satellite Review Magazine. 

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  • Issue 2

    Second Edition

    Like a professional sports player striving for continuous improvement, we must all keep a mindset of innovation and be game changers for our selected specialty. Learn how material handling and an AS/RS can position companies for success in the second edition of Westfalia's The Satellite Review Magazine. 

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  • Número 1

    Primera Edición

    Bienvenidos a la primera edición de Westfalia Technologies, Inc. The Satellite Review Magazine. Con artículos, entrevistas y fotos descriptivas e interesantes, La Revista The Satellite Review destaca las tendencias y los últimos acontecimientos en la industria de la manutención y logística.

    Esta publicación anual estará disponible cada mes de noviembre, suscríbase ahora para recibir su copia anual.

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