Automation and the Modern Bakery

An increasing number of bakeries are turning to warehouse automation in order to effectively manage the short shelf life of fresh bakery products, efficiently manage labor costs, minimize product damage, increase inventory accuracy and maximize warehouse capacity.Warehouse automation allows bakers to thouroughly plan and improve their resources for a more efficient product flow. With an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) and warehouse execution system (WES), bakeries have increased visibility and control of inventory with real-time data, which increases operational efficiency. 

Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. struggles with space constrains, order fulfillment errors and employee safety in their warehouse. Discover how they are now able to manage high seasonal demand with warehouse automation.

Slice overhead costs while improving inventory accuracy with automation

Food manufacturers are burdened with SKU complexity due to demands for product variations, including: flavors, package size, organic, non-GMO and other driving factors. An automated warehousing system simplifies operations and provides flexibility to organize SKUs by their relative inventory characteristics.

The push to automate stems from the general increase in the cost of labor, the need for order efficiency and accuracy, as well as the need to get products on the shelf before their expiration dates in order to meet consumer demand and minimize returned items.

Since the installation of the AS/RS, we have been able to complete full pallet orders with greater efficiency than ever before with fewer physical demands on our warehouse staff. Based on the safety and efficiency gains achieved, we are considering similar systems for our other bakery. Tony Martin | Executive Vice President, Martin’s®

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